“My focus is healing and abuse prevention through ARTS. Why? Because someone once said that ART is the daughter of FREEDOM!”

–Crystal L. Bass

“My focus is healing and abuse prevention through ARTS. Why? Because someone once said that ART is the daughter of FREEDOM!”

–Crystal L. Bass


Kids are at risk in this country. Not just from the appeal of alcohol or drugs, the camaraderie of a gang, or the allure of junk food, but from dysfunctional families that may allow sexual, physical and/or mental abuse to take place.

The statistics for sexual abuse are alarming. According to these organizations –Kids Count, Children’s Defense Fund, and the American Society for the Positive Care of Children –Read More



Precious Gems is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization in Baltimore, MD, devoted to providing innovative programs that help to protect and prevent childhood abuse and address the negative effects that abuse has on its survivors. We achieve results by providing educational/awareness programs and working directly with young children to help build self-esteem and instill preventive practices through the arts. We accomplish this through a variety of means, including theatrical events, summer camps, self-esteem workshops and coordinated awareness campaigns.


We believe that every child deserves to be safe from abuse and given the tools and opportunities to use their gifts and talents to be a success in life while freely expressing who they are.


We envision a world where children can thrive through arts, live without the fear of abuse and instead focus on using their strengths and innate talents to live a healthy and productive life.


Our mission is to use great storytelling to engage, educate and elevate while helping to prevent child abuse through awareness programs.

Our goal is to ultimately empower and support survivors of incest, rape and abuse to take control of their lives by teaching them that regardless of life’s struggles; they have the power to overcome their circumstances. We help survivors of abuse reclaim their self-esteem to live their best lives. This campaign strives to promote trust and healthy parent-child relationships. Our hope is that these children will no longer be entrapped by their circumstances and will emerge as individuals capable of shaping their future with optimism, confidence, and resolve.

Crystal’s Story

The Precious Gems Campaign is the brainchild of Author Crystal L. Bass, who chronicled the life of four siblings, coined “Precious Gems,” in her novel Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family’s Struggle, released in September 2010. Although written as fiction, Dark Clouds, includes many of the author’s own experiences growing up in 1980s Baltimore within a home that suffered from abuse and unhealthy relationships.

Crystal used arts and entertainment as an outlet at an early age to escape from her own reality and cope with the dysfunction in her family.


“Someone once said that ART is the daughter of freedom. I thank God for Art, for I am FREE!”



Your support and financial assistance will continue to make a difference in the lives of our talented precious gems — our future entertainers and leaders of the world.


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